H.O.M.E. Gold Award Calgary – Single Family Homes

By Howard Tse, President of Cedarglen Homes



Cedarglen Homes was excited to be a finalist for the 2016 H.O.M.E (Home Owner Mark of Excellence) Gold Award for Calgary- Single Family Homes, so you can only imagine how we felt when we were announced the winners earlier this week! With excitement still in the air, we thought we would share some information on the award and why we are honoured to be named the winners for Calgary – Single Family Homes.

What is H.O.M.E?

The Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.), is an independent certification program developed by CustomerInsight™. CustomerInsight™ is a leading customer survey provider for the residential construction industry. They reach out to their Certified builder’s homeowners with a detailed survey at three different stages (prior to possession, at possession and roughly one year after possession). These survey results offer well-rounded insight into the customer’s overall experience and providing future home buyers with unbiased support when choosing a home builder. For the H.O.M.E. program, CustomerInsight™ compares and measures their Certified builder’s survey results to determine which builders have achieved and maintained outstanding customer experience. From there, the builder who has the highest ranking customer satisfaction is awarded the H.O.M.E. Gold Finalist Award. (To learn more about CustomerInsight™ and the Home Owner Mark of Excellence, click here.)

What this Means for Cedarglen Homes?

So you can see why receiving the H.O.M.E Gold Award for Calgary – Single Family Homes truly means a lot to us at Cedarglen Homes. Thank you to all of our staff, trades and suppliers for their hard work and thank you to our home owners for choosing to build with Cedarglen Homes!

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Homes


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