Decisions! Decisions!

By Raleigh Thomas, Sales and Marketing Supervisor


When purchasing a new home, the sheer volume of paperwork involved can be a little overwhelming…  So much so that you may forget to consider one of the most important aspects of your new home, the warranty!  It can be tedious to determine what and how long certain items are covered under your new home warranty but Cedarglen Homes has been a proud member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP) for decades.  ANHWP has been a pillar in the province of Alberta for almost 40 years providing homeowners with peace of mind in regards to the construction of their homes.

The Government of Alberta is about to implement the New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA) effective February 1, 2014.  Cedarglen has been ahead of the curve offering a comprehensive warranty for many years therefore this change has had little effect on our customers.  The NHBPA requires that EVERY builder in Alberta provide a minimum warranty on new home construction.  This is wonderful news for you, the consumer since this means that home builders can no longer receive a building permit without proof of warranty coverage.

The NHBPA requires a minimum of 1-2-5-10 coverage for new home buyers:

1 – year workmanship and material (i.e. flooring, trim, etc.)

2 – year delivery systems (i.e. plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, etc.)

5 – year building envelope (i.e. exterior shell of the home including roof and walls)

10 – year structural (i.e. foundation and framing)

Our warranty coverage is something that we are extremely proud of and in an effort to remain accessible to our customers, we recently implemented the Customer Response Team.  The Customer Response Team is responsible for all warranty related items, so they are the customers main contact to receive warranty related information on their new home.  The response to this new initiative has been overwhelmingly positive for both our customers and trades since there is a “one stop shop” to discuss, book and resolve warranty items.

This is yet another reason to choose Cedarglen Homes, the perfect balance of quality and value.

Enjoy the weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing


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