TriWELLathon; A Wonderful Weekend and a Wonderful Cause

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Some of our team members taking on the Line Dancing Competition
Some of our team members taking on the Line Dancing Competition!

Last weekend, members of our Cedarglen team participated in Wellspring Calgary’s third annual TriWELLathon. Best described as a triathlon, a TriWELLathon is an event in which you are competing in three or more activities that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  As Wellspring Calgary supports people diagnosed with cancer along with their family and friends throughout their journey, this event is a great way to raise both funds and awareness. As promised at the beginning of the month, I have last weekend’s results, but first let’s have look at the day’s events.

This was the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Wellspring Carma House but I instantly felt at home; which considering the crowd of people is quite the feat! With volunteers eager to help, hand painted art on the walls and all of us participants walking around in our socks; Wellspring has created a beautiful and welcoming space.

Our Cedarglen team was on site and ready to go for the first class at 9am. Wearing our Cedarglen t-shirts, we divided up and tried a little bit of everything. Some groups signed up for classes such as Tai Chi, Creative Arts, Tea Meditation, Dance, Yoga and Drum Circle (just to name a few)! As much fun as we had participating in the classes, I think my favorite part was learning from the instructors how each activity benefited people affected by cancer. While I was participating in the drum circle the instructor showed us how it leaves you feeling both relaxed and energized and in the dance class our instructor showed how the different stretches can help patients after surgery.  It really gave you an understanding of just how much people benefit from Wellspring Calgary.

After completing three different classes we had already arrived at the lunch time Team Challenge. I had been expecting some easy events but with push ups, medicine balls, yoga poses and line dancing these challenges more than lived up to their name.  Everyone cheered as their team representatives took on each challenge. The energy that the event created was still going strong at Cedarglen on Monday morning as we all talked about our favorite activities.

Now for the results! We had set the bar high at aiming to double last year’s fundraising total of $3,415. And I’m happy to say with our team’s hard work and the open hearts of our sponsors we had more than achieved that goal by raising a total of $9,175!  Cedarglen Homes was also took home the title of the Top Downward Dog Team Challenge Winners and our very own Company President, Howard Tse, was the top individual fundraiser of the event! Thanks again for everyone’s hard work and participation.

Enjoy your weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing


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