So many reasons to buy a Cedarglen Home: Not an Interior designer? You don’t have to be!

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Selection Time

With so many options available when buying a home, we want to show you why choosing Cedarglen is the right decision for you! We’ve already started releasing our list as to why you should buy a Cedarglen Home.

Reason #1: Affordable, family style homes in the Calgary communities you love, with prices under $450’s

Reason #2: You don’t need to be an executive chef to appreciate our custom designed kitchens

Reason #3: Cedarglen Homes is committed to participating in the Calgary communities we build. Whether it’s a local BBQ or a hockey fundraiser!

Reason# 4: Our landscaping Package comes included in our Exclusive phases. Let us handle the dirty work while you spend time enjoying your new home.

And today I would like to introduce Reason #5: Not an Interior designer? You don’t have to be!

There are so many decisions that go into buying a home. From what community to build in, to what floor plan suits you best. When it comes down to the interior selections for your home, most people don’t know where to start or can’t wait to finish.  So before you get overwhelmed, enter the Cedarglen Design team!

Our designers are there to help you make your house a home. Whether it’s through cabinet design or making sure that your selections come together beautifully, our designers are there to help you achieve your dream home.

Most people think that to achieve that dream home will involve costly upgrades, but not with our new area specifications that came out this week! The new area specifications are designed to bring value added to your home. With hardwood floors, granite countertops and upgraded appliances all considered standard, this will give you yet another reason to buy a Cedarglen Home!

Here are just some samples of what you can select in our design center to add value to your home but not break your budget.

Standards1Standards 2

Stay tuned to hear more reasons as to why you should buy a Cedarglen Home!

Enjoy your weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Where are you guys located?…. and kitchens are really a great selling point! Do you have any photos of your kitchens? I love looking at kitchens 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, We have showhomes located in the South East of Calgary and they all have beautiful kitchens to look at! You can find their address on our website at

  2. john mandola says:

    Nice blog, really provide good service.

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