Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter – Turning Points Event

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

Next week Cedarglen Homes is fortunate enough to be attending the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter Turning Points dinner. Supporting organizations throughout Calgary is very important to Cedarglen, and we are honored to be a Platinum sponsor for this event.

The focus of this event is partnering up to solve family violence in our communities. The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter helps thousands of women, men, children, and youth every year through various programs such as their 24 Hour Family Violence Helpline, their Emergency Shelter facility, counseling, and many other services. Although the shelter is the namesake to their organization, the Women’s Emergency Shelter provides over 90% of their services outside the shelter. Without donations, many people may not receive the protection, counseling, and prevention services offered that help to ensure a safe quality of life for all Calgarians.

The Turning Points event features special guest speaker Nancy Southern, the Chair, President and CEO of ATCO Ltd. Nancy was named Business Person of the Year in 2011. In addition to her extensive work with ATCO, Nancy also advocates for strong public health and education systems. I look forward to hearing Nancy speak as she is truly an inspiration.

Check out our Facebook page on Wednesday, April 25 for updates on the event, including photos, clips from Howard’s speech, and donation totals.

For more information on family or domestic violence, or to make a donation, visit the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter website here.

– Ashley


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