DIY Decorating: How-to tips for the Crafty (and not so Crafty)

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

After moving into a new space, the first thing on many peoples’ minds is how to make it their own. That’s exactly how I felt after recently moving into a new apartment; it is nice but it’s not “me”. Luckily, I inherited my mother’s crafting skills, and with a bit of handy-work (and I mean very minimal), I was able to perfect my space. And not only that, it didn’t break the bank and was super easy! Today I’m going to feature my latest project: a small wall in my bedroom in need of some love.

This whole project started with a problem, where can I store my scarves? I took to Google, which gave me some simple ideas such as hang them on a hanger, or even ball them up and stuff them in a drawer. I thought I could get more creative than that. Why not hang them on the wall like art? So off to the craft store I went to pick up some wooden clothes pins, 2 wooden spools, and some ribbon, and a little tube of paint. After painting the clothes pins and spools, I nailed the spools a few feet apart on the wall, tied the ribbon across, and ta-da! Just clip the scarf to the ribbon, and un-clip when you need. This would also be perfect for belts or necklaces, or anything else you want to display (tea towel collection?). it would be great to change out the spools and ribbon to get a different look. Here’s a picture of the finished product:

Now that the wall was looking lovely, I needed some organization space. I picked up an antique wooden desk (you can find some on used furniture sites for great prices or local buy/sell websites) and gave it a new coat of paint. Then, to match with the vintage glam look in my bedroom, I swapped out the drawer knobs for some metal and glass ones (see the photo on the right). And suddenly, this old desk looked brand new!

I completed the space with some inexpensive accessories and simple finished touches. Tinted glass cups do double duty as paintbrush and pen holders, and a decorative cut-out candle holder to provide some warm contrast to the colorful scarves (see the photo on the left). To clean up the old wooden drawers, I stuck down printed wrapping paper to the insides of each drawer. Lastly, I re-covered the stool that came with the desk in a funky blue patterned fabric to give it a fresh look.

And here’s the finished space! I now have the perfect place for my laptop, complete with storage for my craft supplies. Have a question or a good idea? Let me know in the comments below!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    such a cute idea!

  2. Sandra says:

    Really cute ideas!

  3. Thanks, glad you like the ideas!

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