Meet Your Liaison…

Lisa Tyhy, Customer Liaison Supervisor

Liaison: means of communication between different groups in an organization

What a great concept Cedarglen came up with over ten years ago! A Liaison is the customer’s primary contact of communication through the construction and warranty program at Cedarglen Homes. It all begins once selections have been completed and we are ready to construction start your new home. Your initial meeting, called the “Liaison meeting”, is to review your plans and ensure that all aspects of your home… from your personal touch to your well thought-out wants and wishes are put into action. Your plans and contract are given one final review to ensure everything is ready to go. Your Liaison is your one key contact from this point on. The Liaison will arrange on-site meetings with your Site Superintendent, such as electrical orientation, home orientation, possession meeting, 60-day meeting and your one-year warranty inspection. Any questions or concerns you may have during the building of your new home are just one email or phone call away.


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