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By: Pretum Narang

Another great product offered by Cedarglen!

If you’re like me and are looking for a great way to lower your monthly expenses you will probably want to install a Rinnai tankless water heater at some point.  I have been in my new house since January, which has a tankless water heater and have noticed a difference in my energy bill from my last house.  The Rinnai tankless water heater is a great way to save on your monthly bills, since it does a much better job at heating water than a traditional water tank.  The Rinnai tankless water heaters are far more efficient because they do not store hot water, they actually heat it up instantly right on the spot, which means it will only use energy when you turn on the faucet.

A regular water heater must keep a large amount of water hot at all times.  This problem is eliminated with the Rinnai tankless water heater.  When there is a demand for hot water, the Rinnai unit senses the flow and starts the heating process.  This results in hot water that is not limited to what’s available in your tank, so you always have hot water when you want it.  When the demand for hot water is no longer needed, the tankless unit shuts down and uses no energy.

Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Unit

I was skeptical whether the Rinnai would be able to handle the needs of my family, with the amount of laundry, dishwasher usage and showers taken. With smart timing, this is not an issue.  Also in my last house when the soaker tub was being used it would drain the entire hot water tank.   I have not had any issues with ever running out of hot water even after filling up the soaker tub.  The amount of water pressure was also one my concerns, but after testing both showers and the soaker tub at the same time there was no significant difference in water pressure.

With Rinnai’s tankless water heater technology and thinking water-wise, the endless supply of hot water has more than met our lifestyle demands!


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  1. Matt says:

    I also have a tankless hot water heater. We have had it in our house for 3 years and love

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