Finding Love in Auburn Bay

By Ward Haggins, Sales Representative, Cedarglen Homes

At Cedarglen Homes we believe in building relationships for life, whether it’s with our customers, trades or supplier, or within our company.  Last week this was taken to a new level, which I was ecstatic to be a part of.  Before jumping right into the heart of the story, I think it’s worthwhile to give a little background information.  In the beginning of the New Year we had a couple visit our Auburn Bay showhome parade. Right away I had the impression that these two would be a blast to work with, very enthusiastic, very kind, just great individuals through and through.  After seeing their reaction to our popular Aspen model I assumed that I would see them again soon.  Sure enough they came back in, excited and ready to build their new home.  It was especially exciting for them as their possession was going to be just months after their wedding;  they had already started planning the location, picked their wedding party, everything that you would assume an engaged couple would do the spring before a summer wedding.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except for one thing: they were doing all of this planning without a proper engagement, or an engagement ring! 

I only found this out approximately two weeks ago, when the current sales associate in Auburn Bay called me with utter excitement “Ward! Dave is going to propose to Gayle!”  You can understand my confusion; they’re planning a wedding, but they aren’t engaged? 

His plan was definitely one of the more romantic and creative that I have ever heard.  They were building a home together, what better way to propose than in their new home?  He planned to spray-paint “will you marry me” onto the subfloor of their home; his problem was figuring out how to get his now fiancé on site.  He asked me if I could make an excuse to get her out there for the surprise.  Being a bit of prankster my whole life this came with ease: I told her that there was a serious issue with the cantilever placement in her home and they would not be able to continue construction unless she confirmed it was ok on site.  Gayle took the bait: the plan was coming to fruition. 

Dave and his new Cedarglen Home
Anxiously awaiting Gayle's arrival

Dave and Gayle’s friends came out to videotape, Kristen and I were coming out to play our part as the bearers of bad news and Dave was there excitedly, anticipating Gayle’s arrival. We were just trying to plan our positions when we saw Gayle’s car drive by 15 minutes early, so the scramble began.  Their friends ran to the neighbour’s house, video camera in hand, and Kristen and I scrambled into our spots.  I told Gayle that I had to grab something from my car, but that she should head down to the subfloor to look at the “issue”.   Meanwhile, Dave was waiting for her on the subfloor, ready to work his magic.

Dave and Gayle and their new Cedarglen Home
The happy Cedarglen couple on the floor of their new home

It was a total success.  Although everything I saw was from afar there was no doubt the answer was yes, not that we would have expected anything different!   This was an absolutely fantastic event to be part of and I would truly like to congratulate Dave and Gayle again.  The great thing about it is that they will be able to tell their old and new friends and family that their engagement story is literally below their feet!  So fellas out there, pay attention, realize that your new home has many months and stages for you to surprise that special someone!


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